About The Author

dr gallantSusan M. Gallant, Ed.D., is an authority on transformational change and human behavior with a focus on self-awareness, empowerment and healing. She has spent her career giving voice to the potential available within and around us. Her passion is supporting individuals, groups, and organizations to create what they most long for. She has experience in the private, public, healthcare, and nonprofit sectors. Susan lives in Maine, USA, with her husband Steve, tabby cat Ashley, and two Old English Sheepdogs, Amos and Agatha.

Dr. Gallant is a coach, author, speaker, and trainer with a focus on transformational change and human behavior. She helps clients to explore, experiment, discover, and innovate. The underlying theme is always to support individuals, groups, and organizations to create what they most long for. Susan brings a unique tapestry of experience, education, skills, knowledge and passions to her work and relationships.

Dr. Gallant has experience in health care as a nurse and teacher in various medical, educational, and community settings; managed a human resources department and a process engineering group in a manufacturing organization; provided organization development consulting across diverse sectors and at all levels of the system; and coached, consulted, or trained internationally, with experiences in Austria, Canada, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Trinidad, and across the United States.

Dr. Gallant holds a doctorate from Boston University, M.Ed. from Plymouth State College and BSN from the University of Maine and graduated from the Executive Development Program, University of New Hampshire, Whittemore School of Business and Economics. She studied at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and is certified in Reiki, the MBTI, and The Leadership Circle Profile. Dr. Gallant is a senior faculty member of NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science and a lifelong learner with a breadth of passions and interests.