frontcvrWorldview impacts everything we think, do, believe, create, decide, and see. Everything! The Mechanic Meets the Gardener is a jaunt through two contradictory worldviews that filter what we experience as real; what we believe to be true. The Mechanic and the Gardener have a home within each of us; their meeting is an inner journey that will inspire and enrich your life.

The Mechanic Meets The Gardener have emerged from the author's decades of experience working in organizations, coaching individuals and groups, learning about and working with energy, and observing and experiencing the impact of various forms of leadership. The Mechanic Meets the Gardener provides an integrated view of the world that will help anyone at any level of awareness open to a more fulfilling life.



"A delightful book with a comfortable, conversational tone." ~2013 Benjamin Franklin Awards™

“The book isn’t what I expected, and I loved what I got. I am already practicing many of the ideas.” ~Bob Meyer, CEO, Ergo SAVVY

“I loved this book and the prayer you are putting into the universe.” ~Daisy Rios, Ph.D., Organization Development Consultant and Coach

“This book is exceptional. It affirmed my life experience. I’m giving a copy to everybody on my holiday gift list.” ~Nancy DeSisto, Public Policy Professional

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